Where would life be without any rules? What are we, animals?

In order to provide a little bit of structure to our shenanigans we have a few ground rules by which we operate. This list is organic, and will grow as we decide on new no-go areas after every episode. We highly recommend drinking along with us, using these rules. Good luck to your livers.


  1. First (if any) time the movie title is mentioned = Drink
  2. Director Cameo = Drink
  3. Patriotic Speech = Drink
  4. Kevin Bacon = Drink
  5. Singing in a non-musical = Drink
  6. Digital countdown on a bomb = Drink


  1. The dirtier the pun, the better. This may result in high fives or a drink penalty depending on our mood. It's all about context 
  2. Bradlee is limited to 2 Simpsons quotes per show
  3. Neeko is limited to 2 AFL (Australian Football) references per show
  4. Attempt, as much as humanly possible, to limit our Point Break references. Come on... we're only human
  5. Crow-barring in a dodgy segue will result in a severe hounding. Followed by more drinking