Where would life be without rules? Chaos.... that's what!

In order to provide a little bit of structure to the shenanigans, there are a few ground rules to watching the movies for WSTP? It is highly recommend that you drink along with your viewings using these rules to aid you in fully appreciating the hijinks. Good luck to your livers.


  1. First (if any) time the movie title is mentioned = Drink
  2. Director Cameo = Drink
  3. Patriotic Speech = Drink
  4. Kevin Bacon = Drink
  5. Singing in a non-musical = Drink
  6. Digital countdown on a bomb = Drink


  1. The dirtier the pun, the better. This may result in high fives or a drink penalty depending on our mood. It's all about context 
  2. Attempt, as much as humanly possible, to limit our Point Break references. Come on... we're only human
  3. Crow-barring in a dodgy segue will result in a severe hounding.