Episode 71: A Simple Planet of The Apes - With Jake And Tom Conquer Podcast

It's the episode that answers the question, what would time travelling hillbillies and Ash Williams do to survive in a post-apocalyptic world run by talking Apes? You know, the important questions. 

This week Fuzzy is joined by Tom from fellow PodFix Network show, Jake and Tom Conquer The World, to talk about the magic of Sam Raimi and the severe averageness of Bridget Fonda in the 1998 "what would you do with a bag of money" flick, A Simple Plan vs. the 1968 Sci-Fi Mind bender which has been spoiled for everyone before they've even seen it (Thanks The Simpsons), Planet of the Apes starring Troy McClure..... I mean Charlton Heston.

It was truly the blurst of times. 

If you're picking up what my main man, Tom is putting down, then head on over to Jake and Tom Conquer The World  and download multiple episodes of their show. 

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