Episode 70: Multiplicity Slickers - With Dudi from Shaken Not Nerd

It's time to rope and ride the broncos (and other related cowboy jargon) in this weeks' 90's movie mashup in Episode 70: Multiplicity Slickers. Fuzzy and full-time friendo, Dudi 'El Duderino' Deutrom dig deep into "someone's" favorite movie and an Oscar winning performance. 

Riding high on the back of the success of the Batman movies, Michael Keaton inexplicably runs head long into career brick wall with the worlds first introduction to passable green screen and Andie MacDowell vehicle, Multiplicity. While the Oscar winning Jack Palance stars for about 5 minutes in the most depressing movie to be reviewed on this podcast since Happiness, it's the Billy Crystal "Comedy", City Slickers.

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