Episode 66: Moonwalker, Texas Ranger - With Sudden Double Deep

What happens when you take two cultural icons and then let them do movies that literally no-one asked for? Found out in this weeks episode, Moonwalker, Texas Ranger. Michael Jackson and Chuck Norris are moving, grooving and spin kicking their way through the bad guys and into your hearts.

One thing is for damn sure, there is nothing quite like either of these two movies.

Fuzzy is joined by two thirds of the excellent Sudden Double Deep - Triple Bill Title Podcast, Darryl and Janette on an interesting look back at some of the most fascinating people of our time. And Chuck Norris.

Prepare yourself, this episode is jam packed full of great stories and worth a listen. If you need more of the Sudden Double Deep magic, subscribe and like them on your regular podcatcher and enjoy.

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