Episode 69 (giggle): White Men Can't Gump - With JayLostTheDay

It's your childhood brought back to life, provided you are a) Over 50 or b) born in the 80s, when Fuzzy kicks it old school with White Men Can't Gump. It's everyone's excuse to have a crack at an over-the-top Alabamian accent with 94s Forrest, Forrest Gump, vs. the 1992 basketball street hustling slow motion extravaganza, White Men Can't Jump.

Woody and Wesley vs. Forrest and Bubba, It's the two-on-two tournament you never knew you need to have happened. And to round out the powerhouse duos, Fuzzy is joined by fulltime friendo, JayLostTheDay to give us the inside word on all things Southern and in his usual fashion, to assist in going off topic at every opportunity. 

Be prepared with your favourite joke about 'Yo Mumma" because Fuzzy knows Yo Mumma so lazy, she has a stay-at-home job and STILL can't get to work on time. Also, any fans of Jenny, may not want to tune in for this one

You can find JayLostTheDay aka John on the excellent Now In Technicolor Podcast or on pretty much every other show in the PodFix network, because the bloke is versatile. 

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