Episode 68: Moanaconda - With Braato from More Gooder Than


We all love Jon Voight's completely genuine Paraguayan accent in 1997s Anaconda, and Alan Tudyks' stand out performance in 2016s Moana, so what happens when we mash these two films together in a mind blender of musical mayhem? Find out this week in Episode 68: Moanaconda - With special guest, the Big Bad Braato from More Gooder Than, and pretty much every other podcast on the planet. 

Come find out just how far we'll go, and exactly which sidetracks get us side tracked the most.

You all know how to get in touch with Braato, jump on over to the More Gooder Than Podcast. It's 100% essential listening, and I'm saying that totally without provocation or threats of violence. 

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