Episode 67: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's End - With Dudi from Shaken Not Nerd

Do you like Edgar Wright? I mean, do you doubly like Edgar Wright?? Because this week, Fuzzy has all of the Edgar Wright that you can handle in Episode 67: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's End. 

Fuzzy has enlisted the assistance of full-time Friendo, and part-time Edgar Wright fanboy, Dudi from Shaken Not Nerd, to gush over two vastly different movies and stumble their way to the logical conclusion of this comic-book-pub-crawl-music-adventure-coming-of-age mashup.

It's all happening this week and you don't want to miss the epic final segment where Fuzzy turns into a future bot, bleeds alien goo and offers you intergalactic peace (Patreon Exclusive)

You can find Dudi and the other Shaken Not Nerd crew (not featured during this episode because they weren't invited) on Facebook - Shaken Not Nerd & Twitter - Shaken Not Nerd

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