Episode 64: Fuzzy Done Fudged It!

In what was due to be an epic crossover with Caleb from the constantly busy and entertaining, Netflix N' Swill podcast, comes a special edition minisode for your listening pleasure. It's the Fuzzy Done Fudged It! special. A proverbial podcasting phoenix rising from the ashes of a burning fudge fest. A Fudge Phoenix, the rarest of all Phoenixes (or is it Phoenii?).

Choc full of mini segments that are almost too unbelievable to mention, Fuzzy tries his best to recover the little scraps of his sanity/dignity/humanity that remain. Not to worry, normality will return shortly and our good buddy, Caleb (first of his name), will be on for a new episode. 

Mentioned during this episode, it's the Picture This: Live at the Melbourne International Comedy Fest. event. Yes, Fuzzy will be there, looking his fuzziest and jolliest for the special occassion. If you're in Melbourne, book yourself a ticket for this one-off event. 

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