Episode 63: Furious George - With The PodFix Family

Coming at you with more testosterone than a Stallone Pre-Workout Shake, it's Furious George. 2001s The Fast And The Furious starring the Blonde Keanu Reeves and a human sized Stretch Armstrong with a shaved head vs the 2006 animated meh fest, Curious George with Will Ferrell and "Are You" Drew Barrymore.

Fuzzy hosts a duo of PodFix Family rev-heads when Dan from the Netflix N' Swill podcast and WSTP? legend, JayLostTheDay from Now In Technicolor, cruise on by to drop some knowledge NOS on us. Standby for one of the most amazing English accents ever attempted on this show.

So pack a pair of race raver pants, choose a favourite neon-coloured-under-powered-Japanese-import-crap-mobile, and appropriately prepare yourself for a literal assault on your senses.

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