Episode 62: Touch of Resident Evil - With Nick from Epic Film Guys

It's quite literally the best vs. the worst in this weeks episode when Cinematic Master, Orson Welles, is pitted against Cinematic Disaster, Paul W.S. Anderson (again???) in Touch of Resident Evil. 1958s Touch of Evil starting Orson Welles and Mexican Charlton Heston (no... really) and 2002s Resident Evil starring (say it with me now) Mee-luh Yo-vo-vitch. 

Fuzzy finally gets to play host to the man, the legend, Nick from The Epic Film Guys, in an episode crossover more one sided than a conversation with a Kardashian. If you know anything of these two movies, than you'll know that this could only go one possible way. 

Or maybe......

Nope. It's a lock. There is, however, a fantastic mashup instore for you this episode. The boys find some hidden gold in them thar' hills. And there is a surprising amount to mine. 

Mumble mumble mumble, CHILI, mumble mumble

Most of you will already know, and/or, love Nick and the Epic Film Guys podcast. You might not have listened to the excellent, RestauRant Podcast, which you should correct immediately. 

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