Episode 57: Hitch Perfect - Podcasting PowerCouples Special

Back by popular demand, Fuzzy is joined by the plentiful panel of Podcast PowerCouples (PPC), It's the ever-lovely Mon and her man-boy, Dudi from Shaken Not Nerd, and Fuzzy's special lady person, Hannah. I mean, technically that's only 2 couples, but that totally counts as plentiful.

Hitch Perfect.jpg

This week the PPC takes on a pair of films specifically designed with the ladies in mind. It's Will Smith's, Hitch (2005) vs. Girl Power / Glee Rip-Off, Pitch Pefect (2012). A power-pair of movies that make you ask the question, can Hollywood do better? 

The answer might surprise you. Or.... if you are a person who has a pulse, you might already know what the answer is. 

Stick around to the end to hear a teaser for Podcasting PowerCouples 3 - The Recoupling. Nope.... that sounds gross... SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!

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