WSTP? Minisode #11

Hello, pundits! Welcome to Minisode 11. This week, we discuss Dr Phil celebrities, toes in cocktails, Vietnamese hair removal, and Neeko's weekly Oasis update. Also INXS, Book of Mormon, and of course, Simpsons references #drcolossus.

There is no closing song this week, as we are uploading this from the More Gooder Than HQ in Bakersfield California! We'll be back next week with a special treat to make up for it. We are also recording some special crossover treats for y'all to enjoy in the coming weeks.

We talk to you wonderful listeners in between episodes for specific questions, but if you have something random to ask, a suggestion for an episode (or song), or just a ridiculous movie related story, get onto our Facebook or mailbag! If you are an Apple Podcasts (iTunes) user, head on over to give us a killer review! Do you know anyone that may like our show? Send em our way!


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