Epiode 42: Big Lebowski In Little China - With More Gooder Than

Another week, another super special guest episode. This week, two thirds of the lads went all the way around the other side of the planet to seek out our original Pod-Fam. It's our first face-to-face recording with our Brothers from Bako, More Gooder Than. 

Coming at you live from KoЯn country USA, it's one of the most revered pieces of cult cinema from the last 20 years, vs. the finest living examples of the 80s power mullet.

The beers and tunes had been flowing for many hours before this recording so there's an extra prize for the person who picks the moment when one of our guests goes catatonic.

We love these lads, and if you like or are even remotely chuffed by our musings, we know you'll love them too. Head over to More Gooder Than on all of the pod things and grab an earful of their magic.

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