Episode 41: Sucker Punch Drunk Love - With Rich Haridy

Well here it is! Our long awaited Zack Snyder diss-fest with friend and film critic Rich Haridy!

Listen to us dissect Adam Sandler performances and turn Jon Hamm into a household sex-pest name.

The WSTP boys are on the road at the time of this release, so we're going (SUPER) lightly on the copy! I'm sure you can understand. Bradlee's on a porch right now in Midtown Sacramento, chugging Belgian wheat beers and rocking out on the stoop.

This week we have a very special performance by Bradlee & his American bestie / skydiving partner Amanda Snitch. They caught up on the Tracy drop zone the other day, and had a quick guitar jam for y'all. Behold - their cover of The Civil Wars' Barton Hollow!

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