Episode 40: The Grand Budapest Hostel - with Shampu

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. They also call in the big guns to take down one doozie of a mashup. Our buddy Shampu, one of the PodFIx Network crew and co-host of the fabulous Buds, Beers And Brutality podcast, joins us to tackle down these two cinematic titans and do something unspeakable to them in the dungeon of an abandoned warehouse.

It's the star studded, critically acclaimed, and note perfect, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) vs. Hostel (2005), a film which could be best described as.... available for viewing.

Will our intrepid adventurers make it through this one without spontaneously ending the show forever? Will Shampu ever speak with us again? And what do we REALLY think about Eli Roth?

This week Fuzzy Dan answered the call from our Twitter fans to do a pop song. The winner of the poll was Britney Spears - Baby One More Time. Fuzzy busts out his best teenage girl croon and gets the job DONE. Enjoy!

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