WSTP? Minisode #7

Welcome to Minisode 7! This week we cover Flat-Earth fuckwits, tight-ass first dates, cliff-diving, free cocaine, nuts on pizza, and more GOUTWATCH!™

We take to the Twitterverse to see what y'all had to say about movie walkouts & TV turnoffs.

We'll be back next week with our one-year anniversary episode! And to 'celebrate', we're pushing the limits yet again, and bringing you HAPPINESS GILMORE! You know we love our disparate mashups, and this is certainly no exception. If you haven't seen Happy Gilmore, please venture out from the rock you're living under and watch Adam Sandler get his ass handed to him by Bob Barker on a golf course. If you haven't seen Happiness, firstly we're not surprised, and secondly... brace yourselves & watch it. It's indie as all get-out, but the cast is huge & it's super dark. Let's just leave it there.

A HUGE thank you to everybody who's listened & supported us over the last 12 months - what a fun year it's been! We can't wait to bring you more crazy content, and a lot of podcast crossovers in the coming months. You're all so amazing.

Bradlee did a guitar cover in the work van this week, and it's the Mark Lanegan song St. Louis Elegy. Please enjoy!

We talk to you wonderful listeners in between episodes for specific questions, but if you have something random to ask, a suggestion for an episode (or song), or just a ridiculous movie related story, get onto our Facebook or mailbag! If you are an Apple Podcasts (iTunes) user, head on over to give us a killer review! :

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