Episode 38: Get Him To The Big Fat Greek Wedding

Puff Diddy Daddy strikes again! Get your plates out & prepare to smash them on our command. For this episode we pit Russell Brand against Nia Vardalos. Jonah Hill against John Corbett. Sean Combes against a bottle of Windex. Who will win? Stroke the furry wall and find out.

Join in to hear about 2010's Get Him To The Greek, directed by Nicholas Stoller, starring Russell Brand & Jonah Hill. Against 2002's My Big Fat Greek Wedding, directed by Joel Zwick, starring Nia Vardalos & John Corbett.

As usual, we started this episode close to midnight after recording a minisode, so the drinks were clearly flowing like the Thames & the rambling was on full throttle.

What really defines a mullet? Why the fuck is Joey Fatone in this? What's with the Windex? Why do we talk about Colm Meaney's ass? Does ecstasy really go with saganaki? Is Lance Bass really ill-tempered & mutated? None of these questions and more, carefully examined this week on Who Spiked The Puns!

We close out this week with a cover of The Cure's 'The Love Cats'. Please enjoy!

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