WSTP? Minisode #8

Minisode 8 is here! It includes Al Pacino on cocaine (it's a hell of a drug!), Deathkloks, Russian freeway craziness, Aussie Kiwi freeway craziness (looking at you FUZZY), free beer, scurvy, Christmas bathmats, James Lipton, market-price dildos, and of course Simpsons references!

This week we took to Twitter and challenged Bradlee to a movie song showdown. Unfortunately for Bradlee, the winner was Seal's Kiss From A Rose (Batman Forever, ugh!) so he had to try & sing Seal's very complex complexities. Hint, it didn't go so well, but he's not one to back out of a deal! Thanks for voting, and maybe we'll cover the other 3 songs down the road. Because they're all bangers.

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