Episode 36: Casino Man - with Braato

Is it really possible for Pauly Shore to basically be the hero of 2 entire films - one of them a Scorsese 'masterpiece'? Sean Astin says no, and Joe Pesci probably would too, if he wasn't busy being shoved in a hole.

This week we are joined by the bodacious Chris Braaten from our Californian buddies More Gooder Than. This was our first time on air together, getting ready for our podcasts joining forces in August - when Bradlee & Fuzzy head stateside!

Hear us struggle to picture De Niro as anything other than 100% Italiano mobster. Hear us praise James Woods' drug addict convenience store clerk scumbag. How is Pauly Shore not dealing FAT BAGS of sweet stinky weed? How did Brendan Fraser learn to dance bad choreography on the spot?!? Why does Dom Deluise's son look like Guile from Street Fighter? Is that Robin Tunney?? That's mental(ist).

We close out this episode with a cover of Four Letter Word, by seminal Sacramento band Cake. Made even funnier by Fuzzy looking just like John McCrea, with less vibraslap and political rhetoric.

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Promo this week for So I Married A Movie Geek Podcast - Krissy & Justin are awesomely funny, please check them out! With any luck, we'll be meeting up with them when we get to LA!


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