WSTP? Minisode #5

Welcome to the first WSTP release to drop under the 'Movie Pod Squad Network' umbrella! This week 10 film-related podcasts from across the cosmos decided to get together & form a Cyber Voltron. Even though this episode is a minisode, we had a blast recording it (we even recorded it before our Conan Reboot episode; as Aussies we truly are time-travellers).

What happens when you challenge multiple Olympic gold medalist Cathy Freeman to a race around the science museum? How many phone books do 8 year olds need to reach the pedals of their Ford Bronco? Why does Bradlee want to watch clips of Six Feet Under? Does Neeko really hate Seinfeld? Did Fuzzy make a Star Wars diss?

Also, we close out this week's ep. with our random cover of Pumped Up Kicks. Something we thought of out of the blue, and just rolled with it. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, because the list gets weirder and weirder!

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