WSTP? Minisode #6

The first question to ask is; Will Fuzzy Dan make it to the end of the episode without the Chestburster exploding forth from his lungs? You'll have to wait & find out!

For our 6th little minisode, we cover such topics as favourite movie props, favourite movie soundtracks, 'Uber or prostitute?', self-inflicted workplace injury, Cypress Hill - Hullabalooza style, Dillinger Escape Plan, Orgazmorators, jousting sticks, and of course - Neeko shitting on Tom Hanks!

It is with heavy hearts that we close out this episode with a tribute to the late GREAT Chris Cornell. Soundgarden were a major major influence on us musically, and we all agree that Cornell's singing was absolutely from another planet. Rest in peace, you magnificent man. 

Next week, we drop Casino Man - featuring Chris 'Braato' Braaten from our Californian brothers More Gooder Than. It was a super fun time!

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Chris Cornell, we love you x