Special Episode: Alien Covenant Review - With Paul from The Countdown

After some 50 episodes, & 84 movies mashed up, blended, and punched in the balls... we finally review our second movie that's actually showing at the cinema! The first one was the abomination that was Independence Day: Resurrection. Hint - This one was infinitely more fun!

We had Paul from The Countdown: Movie & TV Reviews Podcast join us from Perth. We had a blast discussing the Alien franchise as a whole, reviewing Covenant, spoiling Covenant, and predictions for the future with varying levels of seriousness. The scrapped Blomkamp project - Alien vs Chappie gets a mention.

Non-spoiler review until exactly 28 minutes... after that, buyer beware! Additionally, if you haven't even watched the trailers and plan on going in totally blind, we spoil those BEFORE 28 minutes. Just FYI! :)

We close out this episode with a stripped-down acoustic cover of Tool's H. Enjoy!

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