Episode 35 - Sleepers In Seattle

Every now and then, the 3 of us come across a mashup that proves hard to pick a winner. This may or may not be one of those. Stalking under the guise of romance, and systematic abuse under the guise of juvenile detention... this episode's got it all. Well, at least those 2 things. We do our best to tread lightly over the macabre subject matter of Sleepers, and conversely, we hold up Meg Ryan to the strictest scrutiny.

Will co-host Neeko & Tom Hanks ever make up? How many Meg Ryan puns can we fit into 30 seconds? Why are there so many links between Sleepers & Basketball Diaries? An early 90s Seattle-based film with no grunge?! And does Fuzzy Dan cough up all 3 of his lungs? None of these questions and more, this week on WSTP!

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We're closing out this episode with an acoustic jam of Weezer's Hash Pipe!