WSTP? Minisode #3

We're back to shoot the shite with you sexy pun pundits! Junkie parrots, coolers full of weed, Sly Stallone on the catwalk, magic mushroom bumper cars, bionic wrists, terrible Netflix shows, handing joints to Dave Chappelle... This one gets random!

We're REALLY enjoying the feedback, conversations, and completely bizarre topical wormholes we find ourselves in talking to y'all. So please keep it up! If you've got anything to ask us (no question is too bizarre, yet), and ideas for episodes, or you think we should be doing something differently, let your voices be heard! We love hearing from you. If you're digging the show (or even if you're not), please consider heading to iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts and chucking a rate/review our way :)

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