Episode 34.5: DAS REBOOT: Conan The Barbarian - With Our Friend Fil

It's Mr. Universe vs Khal Drogo - who will emerge victorious? This week we pit Conan against Conan, in our 6th Das Reboot installment (almost immediately mistaken by us for our 5th! Read: drunk jerks). We have a special guest this week; friend of the podcast & Conan superfan - Fil Franek. We also have beer, wine, and a lot of cheap scotch!

Exactly how many Game of Thrones crossovers are there? Should you really inhale someone's dying breath? If you can summon sand demons, why are they just as fragile as humans? Is this James Earl Jones' weirdest haircut ever?

Tune in this week to hear us let loose on this ancient phenomenon!

Also this week, we have included some music at the end. We're gonna start doing this as often as we can, covering a vast array of stuff we feel like playing during the week. To kick us off : Scissor Sisters - Laura! Nothing polished or mastered, just random jams. Any requests/suggestions for songs, puns, mashups, anything, hit us up :

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