WSTP? Minisode #2

For Minisode #2... we touch on important hot-button topics such as U2, Nickelback, Cake at Starbucks, dumb carjackers, injured knees, PETA, movie trailers, bachelor parties, and more!

We had to cut this week slightly short due to recording our Logan review with the Shaken Not Nerd Podcast, so no Twitter Sweet Symphony this week. Our communicado with you amazing folks will be back with a vengeance (Die Hard style) for Minisode #3! Thanks for listening, and keep those tweets coming! If you've got any ideas for our upcoming episodes, suggestions for segments, hatemail, or dick pics (pics of Dick Wolf only, please)... see our deets below :

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PS - Regarding our closing supercut - If you're not aware of Cake singer John McCrea's obsession with "Oh yeah", "Oh no", and "Alright"... now you are. Our sincerest apologies, and feel free to vibraslap us right in the sac(ramento).