Episode 31.5 - DAS REBOOT : Judge Dredd

For our 5th Das Reboot - We pit Sly Stallone against Karl Urban, Diane Lane against Olivia Thirlby, and Armand Assante against Lena Headey. Who will emerge victorious? You be the judge! *ducks*

How high do you need to be to enjoy tuberculosis? How did Ewen Bremner turn up twice in two weeks? Is this Rob Schneider's best work ever? And does Sly really call Fergee "Frankee"?! All these questions and more, delved into with the utmost detail this week in the 3121 Massive. The 1995 OG vs the 2012 Reboot - May the better film win!

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Promo this week is for the Super Movie Bros Podcast - our buddies Jay & Dave from PA! Check em out, they're the bomb \m/