Episode 29.5 - DAS REBOOT : Cape Fear

Das Reboot #4 is here! This time we have a 29 year gap between drinks, and it appears we have some stiff competition, and we're not just talking about Robert Mitchum's starchy white boxer shorts. This week we put Mitchum head to head against Robert De Niro, 2 beasts of cinema in their own right. Who sucks their gut in the most? Who resorts to biting chunks out of their victims? Who sucks the most thumbs? Everyone beware of Max Cady because he's some sort of non-giving-up... STALKER GUY.

Next week, we record a female-centric episode - TANK GIRL, INTERRUPTED. Lori Petty & Naomi Watts vs Winona Ryder & Angelina Jolie... and a marsupial Ice-T to boot!

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