Episode 31: Snatch Me If You Can - With Shaken Not Nerd

This week we ask the age old question - "Why would I want a caravan that's got no fookin' wheels?"

Our buddies from the Shaken, Not Nerd podcast join us again for an inebriated study of gypsy accents, grifting, braces, and how to sound like Christopher Walken on heavy sedatives. As usual, there are a buttload of Simpsons references, and some more friendly grammar battles.

Next week will either be our first of many mini-sodes, or our 5th Das Reboot - Stay tuned! Promo this week is for the Sudden Double Deep podcast - they choose a word that links 3 films and discuss; We like their style! And they really know their shit - show 'em some love! @SDDFilmPodcast

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