Episode 29 - Primal Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas - LIVE from Rainbow Serpent Festival!

This week we headed out to country Victoria for the 20th anniversary of Rainbow Serpent Festival! Between us, we've attended at least 13 of them, so this was a huge deal for us. So we decided, what better way to have some campsite downtime (and entertain the crew) than to record a substance-related episode. It's fairly short, as we had a cocktail party to cater, but we had a blast!

Would you trust Samoan Benicio Del Toro to represent you in court on a murder charge? Who is the biggest IRL douche out of Depp & Norton? Why is Gary Busey's dog so emaciated? How many bad jokes can we sneak under the table before we start handing out penalties?? Hint - it's a bunch.

Our amazing Bakersfield brothers at More Gooder Than (@MGTpodcast) sent us a killer personalised song the other day, and this week it's our opening theme. Thanks fellas, you're the best! Also, check out the Large Marge Sent Us Podcast (@TheSweetieClub) - two awesome sisters from Boston who discuss late 80s / early 90s films. Right up our alley :)

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Next week we bring you our 4th Das Reboot - this time on Cape Fear!