Episode 30 - Tank Girl, Interrupted

Welcome to the desert, welcome to Claymoore! This week we gather some badass heroines, and look at 2 extremely disparate films - Tank Girl, and Girl Interrupted. One has Lori Petty, the other has Winona Ryder. One has a chubby Jeffrey Tambor, the other has marsupial dancers.

Was Angelina's Oscar warranted? Why is there soooo much room underneath Claymoore Hospital with sooo much freedom to explore it? Tank-driving / BBQing / Martini-sipping = Best protagonist ever? How can a hologram punch you, yet you can't punch it back? And why does Iggy Pop have to be a sex offender??

The lovely ladies Andrea & Hannah try to keep us in check and fail, as we spiral out of control into the 90 minute zone (with the help of Muppet Vodka). Our rambling will not be stopped! Tune in next week as we finally tackle Nicko's cinematic sore-point : Tom Hanks... in episode 31: Snatch Me If You Can!

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