Episode 48: Red Dawn of The Dead - With Picture This!

This week, professional chaos merchants, Nick and Lachlan (aka The Red Dragon) from Picture This! Podcast join Fuzzy on an exploration of two iconic movies. It's the Reagan-Era, Commie-Hatin', Gun tottin', Swayze Groovin' classic, Red Dawn vs. the only really good movie that Zack Snyder ever ripped off, Dawn of the Dead. 

You might remember these guys from Episode 36: The Terminal Velocity, and the infamous 'Bone Town" and if you do recall that, you'll know what's in store this week. Nick is normally on his best behaviour, so he really lets loose when he gets the chance. 

This week, we go off topic during the intro, make history with a ground breaking movie synopsis style, and break out the gags like they're 2 for $1. It's all happening here. 

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