Episode 51: Sudden Death Proof - With Braato from MGT

Chris 'Braato' Braaten joins Fuzzy Dan for a look into two vastly different flicks, when we take on the JCVD action flick, Sudden Death, and the self-proclaimed 'worst Tarantino movie ever', Death Proof. 

TBH, most of this episode is spent talking about Quentin's foot fetish which is in full, and disturbing view. Almost, but not quite as disturbing as what JCV "Macgyver" can do with a dishwasher. And most definitely not as disturbing as whatever it is that Kurt Russell is doing to that plate of nachos. 

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As for the great man, Braato, you can find him and my other buddies, Cory and Donnie, on their awesome website, or on the Twitter. Get amongst them for some fantastical adventures in podcasting. 


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