Episode 47: Along Came a Spider-Man - With Shaken Not Nerd

Along Came a Spider-Man.png

It's another crossover episode with our crew from Shaken Not Nerd. And boy howdy... this one tickles us in all of the right places

It's the franchise battle of Alex Cross vs. Marvel. A quick google search will tell you how this one turned out. It's 2001's Along Came a Spider, with WSTP? super star, Morgan Freeman vs 2002's Spider-Man 'staring' Tobey (with an "E") Maguire. Fuzzy Dan is still getting used to wearing the hosting pants and immediately cocks up the phrasing which captures the entire tone of the episode in the first 2 mins. 

If you aren't listening to our lads at Shaken Not Nerd already, you should be. Check them out on the things. https://omny.fm/shows/shaken-not-nerd

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