Episode 46: When Carrie Met Sally - With Ashlee from Rabbit Ears

This week Fuzzy Dan goes back to a recent guest for a second crack at the show with two classics. 1989's When Harry Met Sally and the original 1976 version (there are a few of these so we needed to be specific) of Carrie. 

We get into big rants on Carrie the Musical, Billy Crystal's weird wig action, the mystifying absence of Meg Ryan's sex appeal, and then we just degenerate into ragging on celebrities who look terrible now they're older. We're not looking at you, Lara Flynn Boyle (seriously though... do not google her right this second don't say we didn't warn you)

It's a magical mash-up and a super happy fun time. 

If you like the vibes that Ashlee is laying down for you, check her out at Rabbit Ears. She's got a bunch of great episodes streaming right now. 

For WSTP? you know where you can find us.

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