Episode 45.5: Das ReBoot - with Ian "The Huge Footlong" Johnson

Believe it or not, we're doing another movie fresh out of the cinema, in this new release/retro rewind, Das Reboot special for Blade Runner. We saw Blade Runner 2049 and compare it with a movie that's old enough to be it's Dad. 

Does Deckard still hold up after all these years? Does Harrison Ford still try to suck in his gut? Can the Gos cut it as the new "guy" and will we be forced to watch HF butcher another classic character from your childhood?

We're warning you now, if you haven't seen either of these movies, SPOILERS!!!! First and final warning. You know us, we're going to spoil the high waisted pants of this bad boy.

Ian "Footlong" joins us to dissect these flicks, from our brother podcast, Shaken Not Nerd. Check them out everywhere. Like this place: https://omny.fm/shows/shaken-not-nerd

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