Special Episode 1 - Akira (w/ Black Cab & Toshi Sakamoto)

A few weeks ago, us Melbournites were treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity - a screening of anime classic Akira, complete with a live soundtrack! Organised by Hear My Eyes, the live score was written from scratch by Black Cab, and featuring live Japanese Taiko drums by the amazing Toshi Sakamoto.

We have a discussion on the visceral experience of watching a movie with a live score, and then on a less serious note, talk about old movies that would benefit from a fresh soundtrack.

Next week, we'll be recording at Rainbow Serpent Festival in the middle of country Victoria. We're doing an episode on Primal Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Strap on your bucket hats, and grab your best bottle of ether - we're taking this baby to the mooooon!

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