Episode 27.5 - DAS REBOOT : Point Break

Remake Point Break?? In the wise words of Nazi Kiedis, "That, would be, a waste, of time!"

Join us for a serious think-piece on the 2 versions of Point Break. One of them, a FBI superstar who discovers surfing whilst infiltrating bank robbers... the other, a fallen YouTube star who joins the FBI out of guilt. One of them has Gary Busey... the other, Ray Winstone. Help!

Why did Lori Petty turn into an Australian faux-hippie? What the hell is the Ozaki 8, and what does it have to do with robbing banks? Why is there someone called Chowder?!

None of these questions and more, and deconstructed very carefully this week on WSTP?

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Bradlee, Fuzzy & Neeko