Episode 15 - Training Days of Thunder

It's the NASCAR Narcs! They'll smile & cry as you overtake them, cranking Dr. Dre & smoking PCP right into the wall.

In episode 15, we pit Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke & Eva Mendes against Tom Cruise, Michael Rooker & Nicole Kidman. Who will win?

We delve into Carnaval, Sisqó, 8-bit Digger, Seal, Guns N' Roses, Dirk Diggler, Ben Cousins, asymmetrical teeth, and a shitload of tequila. Somehow we get through to the mashup penalty-free, then 7 in a row!

There seems to be only one shotgun surgeon in the house. But do thetans count? Did Michael Rooker bring his magic arrows? How did Nicole walk properly back then with all that hair? Does Snoop Doug sound better or worse than Snoop Lion?

None of these questions and more, are answered this week on WTSP!

We also chucked in a special TRANS-GENRE segment, air-lifted here from our friends at the Dude, Imagine If Podcast in Albuquerque - @DudeImagineIf3

You know what to do!

NEXT EPISODE: Starship Super Troopers