Episode 14 - The Devil's Own Wears Prada

Open your minds real wide as we travel all the way from Belfast, to Staten Island, to New York and back to Dublin as we track down IRA gun runners and New York fashionistas in this crazy genre mixup.  Our "skills" in imitating accents are pushed to the limits as we take the lilting Irish brogue and beat it senselessly behind a dumpster in Glasgow (you know... that place in the country that isn't Ireland). 

This weeks gets out of control as we imaginise Harrison Ford as a magnate for a Northern Ireland fashion magazine,  discuss the tenuous link between Adrian Grenier and Neeko, take swipes at U2, Sonia Dada and each other, and unsuccessfully try to moderate ourselves live on air. *Editors Note: it all stays in.

Can Neeko maintain a Northern Irish accent for his entire soliloquy or will he go down faster than most peoples interest in The Devil's Own? Can our conversation survive the early call of "All Bets Are Off"? And how the heck did we get to Meryl Streep running a cracker factory?

All this, and some other things, in this weeks episode. Do the thing!

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