Episode 12 - Meet Joe Dirt

Whether you like an expression-less Brad Pitt creepily staring at you for 3 hours or Kid Rock acting as Kid Rock in a movie starring Kid Rock,  we've got you covered.

This week we call out David Blaine and John Travolta, discuss Mr Farley cameos, investigate great cinematic moments of Sir Anthony Hopkins dropping F-Bombs and discover the correct terminology for Redneck Stereotyping.

Does our crew make it through the entire episode awake, alive and with their livers intact? Or will Brad “Jamaican Death” Pitt take us away quicker than David Spade defaults to toilet humour?

Find out in da next place, mon….. I mean Kansas

Shout out to lysdexic and Hopskotch Records for all their support. Stick around for a special track from Hopskotch artist - Puzahki with Boston Laser Party from his upcoming EP - Diametric Funk