Episode 10 - Mo' Money Train

All aboard!

This week we put our money where our mouths are (gross), and get all kinds of weirdness in return. Mo' Money Train is the result - Wayans, Wayans, Woody, & Wesley, together at last! Even J-Lo gets to come to the party, but is she just the Jenny from the block that she later claims to be?

Jimmy Barnes, Sophie Dahl, Tenacious D, Nick Nolte, and the T-800 all get a mention here for whatever reason (normally none).

There was a lot to talk about here. Can NYC transit cops cut it as Myki inspectors? What if Rip Torn was a tram driver? Can Damon Wayans get acquitted if Reverend Pimp Daddy makes a juror's head explode? Do we trust a 1 star review or a 9 star review?

You know what to do! :)