Episode 7 - Practical Magic Mike

Witches & male strippers - together at last. Oil up those abs, and show us your potions! This week's episode is a doozy. Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, vomit-eating pigs, Bulgarian kidnappers, sexting truck-drivers, ex-wrestlers, even Dr Quinn - Medicine Woman.

3 of our stars will go on to win Academy Awards. Is the writing on the wall? Let's just say it's a mixed bag. We do our usual thing of veering off track into filmography black holes, and getting sidetracked with cocktail mixology.

Who's better at putting the Lime In The Coconut - Dianne Wiest or Stephen Wright? How many times does McConaughey say "Alright?". Hint - Don't make a drinking game out of it.

A few crossovers right off the bat : Stockard Channing / Channing Tatum... and both films have a worrying amount of people getting drugged.

You know what to do!

NEXT WEEK : The Princess Basketball Diaries!