Episode 5.5 - DAS REBOOT : Independence Day

This is the inaugural episode for our Das Reboot series, which are simply short comparisons of an older movie to its spiritual successor. We kick it off with Independence Day (1996) / Independence Day : Resurgence (2016). Both directed by the so-called Master of Disaster, Roland Emmerich.

Obviously, it only took about 12 minutes to get to a Ben Cousins reference, and even though these episodes are half the length of our normal ones, this may very well have the most Simpsons quotes to date. Breaking your own rules is fun! Will Smith, Harry Connick Jr, and Randy Quaid are out. Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher, Angelababy, and William Fichtner are in. Can they bring the noise? All signs point to 'no', but we've been wrong before!

You know what to do :)