Episode 27 - V For Invictus

It's foggy olde London Town vs Seth Efrica! Who will win? Vigilantes in creepy masks, or brick shithouses in tiny shorts? Join us for an extremely deep (not!) examination of a neo-fascist British government and a post-apartheid South Africa. By deep, we mean lots of devolving into Juggalo talk, bad accents, and talking about the parameters of a pistol-whip.

Thanks to all you wonderful folks for hanging out with us this year! It's been a super rad time and we can't wait to bring you more madness in 2017.

Next up, another minisode of outtakes, and random tidbits from the season.

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Happy Christmas / Hannukah / Festivus / New Year! Love Bradlee, Fuzzy, & Neeko xXx