WSTP? Outtakes - Prohibition Edition #1

As we approach the annual madness that is Christmas / NYE... we decided we'd take a much needed break and post an outtakes episode from our archive thus far. We've been punching out 2 films and an ill-advised amount of alcohol every week for 7 months - it's a tough labour of love!

Here are some previously deleted tidbits that tickled us upon re-listening.

Thank you SO very much to all you awesome listeners - your support is appreciated and we love hearing your feedback. We hope you've had some big laughs (and drinks) with us!

We're thinking of switching up our format in the coming weeks, we will keep you posted. But for now... NEXT WEEK - V For Invictus

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Happy Christmas / Hannukah / Festivus / New Year! Love Bradlee, Fuzzy, & Neeko xXx