Episode 26: The Evil Deadpool - With Shaken Not Nerd

Ryan Reynolds & Bruce Campbell... who's got the better ass? Who's got the better unibrow? You be the judge! This week we get up close & personal with our buddies Ian 'The Rock' Johnson & Off-Duty Dudi. They host the Shaken Not Nerd Podcast & they joined us this week for an epic day of drunkenly trading episodes (we also appeared on their ep 18 - Quiz Championship). Get involved!

Severed limbs, books of the dead, fourth wall breaks, rapey trees, Monster Magnets, nerdy rants, cheap rum, bloody marys, this episode has it all! We took Ian & Dudi to task, including what may very well be the quickest 2 repeat-offender penalties in WSTP history.

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PS apologies for the weird sound quality, we had some mixer problems and couldn't squeeze them out in post.

Next week - A xmas break episode of outtakes and random tidbits :)