Episode 23 - O Blues Brothers, Where Art Thou?

Damn! We're in a tight spot! 

Y'all better make your marks and wander down with us to imagination-ville where we mashup two titans of modern musical cinema. Brothers vs. Boys. Gospel vs. Rhythym and Blues. Cloon-Dog vs. Aykroyd. Coen Brothers vs. Mr Landis/Brandis/Taylor-Thomas (We're still not sure, and at this point we're afraid to ask).

Who will win? And, to be honest, who really cares? The real question is.... how many yellow cards can we handle in one sitting? This week we set a new record. Check out the Podcast Rules page and see if you can keep up.  This might not be a mission from God. More than likely it was the other guy.

And for that, we sold our everlasting souls. Well.... we wasn't usin' 'em anyways.