Episode 17 - Office Spaceballs

Get your red staplers out & show us your dark helmets! This week on WSTP - we head from the cubicle straight to outer space, getting jalapeño poppers and peanut butter all over our shotglasses. It's Office Space (1999) vs Spaceballs (1987) - Get involved!

We touch on (or at least reference) Meatloaf, Dr. Zaius, Ghostbusters, The Sticky Bandits, VHS, Bon Jovi... even Rip Torn. You know, all the things you'd expect from us. And as always... Simpsons, Simpsons, Simpsons.

We also cross over to our #PodernFamily friends at More Gooder Than, Shaken Not Nerd, & Dude, Imagine If - to help us out with some hypotheticals. Their suggestions were awesome! 

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BJ, FD, & NK