Episode 20 - The Breakfast Fight Club

The first rule of breakfast is... you never skip breakfast. And if you do, make up for it at lunch with a sugar & cereal sandwich. This week on episode 20, it's John Hughes & David Fincher - together at last!

Would 30 Seconds to Mars make a good gratuitous dance number? Where did Judd Nelson's shoe go? How much soap can you make in a high school lab? And what triggered Emilio Estevez to start taking steroids and develop man-boobs?

None of these questions and more, on this week's episode of WTSP!

Huge shoutout to our Bako Brothers at More Gooder Than for their Aussie episode (8) - Mad Maximum Overdrive. Check it out, along with their back catalog - it's all rock solid! Twitter: @MGTpodcast and *here* on iTunes

Next week we have a rare break, but to keep the ball rolling, we're gonna drop our second Das Reboot episode : ROBOCOP! Then we'll be back in 2 weeks with Good Willow Hunting!

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